In addition to our projects listed below, Build a Bridge foundation assists youth, families, schools, and mission outreaches from other countries in coordinating short term and long term volunteer projects and housing throughout Panama.


BABF’s has a mission to link good, willing people and funding for capacity building projects for sustained outcomes. 

BABF’s programs are built to improve employment, skills, nutrition and livelihood opportunities. BABF is committed to increase productivity in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and productive. Contributing to reduce rural poverty; improve food security; increase nutrition, provide health and apply correct management of natural resources. 


What Is Sustainable Agriculture

The term sustainable agriculture means an integrated system of plant and animal production practices that will, over the long term:

  • Supplement or satisfy Malambo’s food and fiber needs

  • Enhance environmental quality and the farm’s natural resources

  • Make the most efficient use of nonrenewable resources and farm resources and integrate, where appropriate, natural biological cycles and controls;

  • Sustain the economic viability of farm operations and

  • Enhance the quality of life for Malambo’s children and share best practices with the surroundings community.

What is an integrated Farming System

Farming research has begun to recognize that by viewing farms and the food production system as an integrated whole, more efficient use can be made of natural, economic, and social resources. This concept includes the goals of finding and adopting integrated and resource-efficient crop and livestock systems that maintain productivity, that are profitable, and that protect the environment and the personal health of a farm’s community.

Integrated Sustainable Agriculture

A project involving Malambo Orphanage 4 hectare farm, one and a half hours from Panama City continues to expand by the support of Build a Bridge foundation to grow nutritious fruits and vegetables to help supplement the children’s diets, provide opportunities for education in the areas of nutrition and integrated, sustainable farming to Malambo’s children, surrounding communities and beyond. 

The Potential of Integrated Sustainable Agriculture at farms for Orphans and Schools.


The Build a Bridge Foundation would like to help farms to be as efficient and productive as possible, in keeping with sustainable agricultural methods. By incorporating these techniques,  will increase agriculture production, decrease its farming impacts on the ecosystem, and significantly reduce the orphanage’s food costs. ISA projects provides the opportunity to teach these practices to students and develop agricultural education and nutrition programs.


Sustainable agriculture techniques can include but are not limited to the use of organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, green manures, allelopathy, integrated pest management, soil and water conservation; fish culture, school gardens; small animal husbandry; seed selection, farm planning, and demonstration and experimental plots.

To learn more about the ISA Project, contact Amanda Heapes at info@buildabridgefoundation.org