by Amanda, Director, Build a Bridge Foundation


My first experience at Malambo Orphanage stunned me with a jumble of feelings of wanting to take children home, rescue them and call them my own. The feeling to do something was overwhelming. Yet I could see the children were being loved. It was shocking to me that so many children had been abused, abandoned or brought there due to diabolic circumstances.

I watched a mother hand over her baby for reasons unknown to me. However, the heart wrenching sadness in her was all too clear. It is impossible to know fully what her baby’s life might have been like had he not been brought to Malambo. Despite all the pain and sadness, there was still hope. Hope that this child could now have a brighter future.

As I visit the children of Malambo and throughout Panama, I find in my heart an oasis of hope and love that allows my selfish complaints and desires to fade away. The little ones humble me with their looks of hope and smiles of joy. It has been life changing to work with Sister Lourdes. She is my mentor and equals Mother Teresa in my eyes.

There is no way to explain to someone what they will feel when they first visit an orphanage. For me, it brought about an awakening of the tremendous needs and challenges that orphanages experience daily; an awareness of having a purpose for the sake of these children.

The basic necessities of orphan nutrition and health care are the primary reasons I started the Build a Bridge foundation. With Malambo’s many mouths to feed, as well and hungry families lining up daily for a helping hand, our mission will never end. Clearly, we could never undertake this huge task alone and we are thankful to all who join us.


In the words of Sister Lourdes, “We take help from all good people!”

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BABF’s programs are built to improve employment, skills, nutrition and livelihood opportunities. BABF is committed to increase productivity in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and productive. Contributing to reduce rural poverty; improve food security; increase nutrition, provide health and apply correct management of natural resources. 

BABF’s has a mission to link good, willing people and funding for capacity building projects for sustained outcomes. 


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