In addition to our projects listed below, Build a Bridge foundation assists youth, families, schools, and mission outreaches from other countries in coordinating short term and long term volunteer projects and housing throughout Panama.

Face to Face Program


Visual stimulation, tactile stimulation and auditory stimulation are crucial to a child’s development. Multisensory stimulation can help improve a baby’s curiosity, attention span, memory, and nervous system. Research has shown that babies who receive appropriate stimulation reach development milestones faster and have much better muscle coordination.

With so many babies, toddlers and disabled children, there are never enough hands to give the little ones the time and attention they so desperately need. Thankfully, many wonderful people from different parts of the world visit to bring joy to these children with face to face contact.

The Face to Face Program offers volunteers a highly rewarding way to spend a few hours a week basking in baby love. If you have a couple of hours free a week and live in Panama, please become a friend to Panama’s orphans. Interaction with men is a rare treat for the wee ones so male volunteers are very welcome. There are many ways to get involved with face to face contact and make a difference in the life of the children here in Panama.


Please contact Amanda if you would like more information 


BABF’s programs are built to improve employment, skills, nutrition and livelihood opportunities. BABF is committed to increase productivity in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and productive. Contributing to reduce rural poverty; improve food security; increase nutrition, provide health and apply correct management of natural resources.