In addition to our projects listed below, Build a Bridge foundation assists youth, families, schools, and mission outreaches from other countries in coordinating short term and long term volunteer projects and housing throughout Panama.

Bee a Bridge

Build a Bridge Foundation work to provide long-term sustainability through planting sustainable agriculture and forming Bee Husbandry projects to support long term needs for vulnerable people. Together with other NGO’s - Build a Bridge Foundation has formed many great alliances over the years and received a variety of support from volunteers. BABF has implemented and supported production of honey through a Bee Husbandry Project on a farm in Chorrera, Panama over the past 3 years. The first harvest produced 30 gallons of honey and by the third year production increased to 60 gallons of honey all of which was sold or utilized to benefit orphans. Build a Bridge foundation provided materials, staff training, volunteer’s support related to the Bees and Bee Bolstering  (tree plantings to support the growth of the Bee’s and honey production). Build a Bridge Foundation is currently with a proposal to implement 8 projects the same as the one currently functioning in Chorrera. The Government requested this proposal but doesn't have the funds to implement it. If you have funding or suggestions for starting in a  location, Build a Bridge Foundation is happy to start one Bee hive at a time. 


BABF’s programs are built to improve employment, skills, nutrition and livelihood opportunities. BABF is committed to increase productivity in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and productive. Contributing to reduce rural poverty; improve food security; increase nutrition, provide health and apply correct management of natural resources. 

The ISA Project
Nutrition Monitoring System
Bee a Bridge
Face to Face Program
A Brighter Future
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