The joy of serving children


Build a Bridge Foundation founder, Amanda, managed a children’s ministry in Adelaide, Australia from 1997 to 2005.  In 2006, her family moved to New Zealand during this time she directed a personal development program for children and ran a food co-op to provide healthy food at fair prices.  


In 2007, she moved to Panama and began working with children that were suffering in crisis and poverty. This is where Build a Bridge Foundation began, through assessing the needs of Orphanages and homes for young women/mothers in Panama. Whilst visiting children throughout Panama, an oasis of hope and love allows selfish complaints and desires to fade away. Living life as an expat can be a challenge but somehow it doesn't compare to this. The little ones humble those who meet them with their looks of hope and smiles of joy. It is life changing and you just want to do something to build a brighter future. Projects such as Nutritional Supplement Support, Sustainable Agriculture, Bee Husbandry, Education and Employment, and Nutritional Monitoring Programs have been conducted.


BABF’s has a mission to link good, willing people and funding for capacity building projects for sustained outcomes. 

BABF’s programs are built to improve employment, skills, nutrition and livelihood opportunities. BABF is committed to increase productivity in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable and productive. Contributing to reduce rural poverty; improve food security; increase nutrition, provide health and apply correct management of natural resources. 


Founding story
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